About Our Preschool

Bright Beginnings Preschool ensures to offer a high standard of childcare, education and learning.

We strive for Inclusive Education, focusing on the individual child holistically. It is our aim to incorporate international standards and to provide your child with the nurture, growth and learning that is imperative.

A loving and caring environment that allows your child to learn through fun activities and play and reach his/her full potential. Our preschool provides qualified staff that are passionate, enthusiastic and loving.

Our Activities

Creative Activities

 Arts and crafts related to the weekly theme

Music, Songs, Poetry and Drama

Fantasy Play, Rhymes, Role play, Instruments


 Fine motor activities, cutting, pasting, play dough, puzzles


 Sorting, adding, measuring, STEAM


What Our Families are Saying

“I just feel no words can express the way I feel about the way you have changed my sons life. Teacher Dani, my sons favorite person. The love and care you have for these children is Amazing. You love them like they were your very own. You are kind, loving and caring. And all this shows in the children you have taught. My son has also become kind and loving. He has also learned to play with other children freely. Thank you for the love you have for these children.”

– Thembi Mdakane

 “The wikipedia definition of family is “A group consisting of tow parents and their children living together as a unit”. In my mind, it is people that come together for a ny occasion, are there for each other and love each other no matter what. And that is exactly what we have at Bright Beginnings Preschool… I would not want it any other way. Thank you for the people that you are and the family that we have in you.”

– Marlisa L. Viljoen

“Teacher Dani is an amazing teacher who is very patient and knowledgeable in what she does. Our little girl thrived under her tutelage, she made learning so much fun. We will always treasure her input in our daughter’s life.”

– Mrs Masangane

 “I have only the highest praise for Dani Letard. Teacher Dani, as we all knew her, was so pivotal in helping my very shy daughter blossom into a happy and confident child. She has an incredible way with children, and they all seem to love her! I will always be grateful for all that Teacher Dani did for my little girl, who still speaks fondly about her to this day.”

– Kerry Stonestreet Hayes

 “Bright Beginnings Preschool has played such a huge role in the development of our little princess. Not just us as Parents but also family and friends have noticed Nandini’s development. Dani has been exceptional in always going out of Her way to make every activity special. A lot of thought and research goes into everything that is done at the school which makes BBP stand out from the rest. I would definitely give the School and ALL the staff a 5 star rating. They strive each day to grow and as parents we can see it.”

– Kajaal Otto

“It is almost difficult to describe how amazing the journey with Bright Beginnings has been. Ever since our daughter has been enrolled she has changed from shy and scared of people to bubbly, playful and just well… happy little girl. The school is supportive of our every need and requirement to raising our daughter the right way. My daughter is happy and healthy and that is what matters.”

– Bertus Viljoen

“It truly has been a bright beginning to 2017 when my daughter started at preschool. She has grown in leaps and bounds in every facet of her development – cognitively, physically and socially. This can be attributed to the love, care, nurturing and teaching of the carers and teachers at this incredible school. We feel so blessed to be apart of the bright beginnings preschool family.”

– Parent